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Webdesign is a wide word today. It means many things and mainly many activities that are going to get developped more and more into a company. But behind the word webdesign stands a very clear world of design and each company has its own entity and has its own design. This blog will discuss the trends of the webdesign and how your company could be more succesful using the right approach of webdesign.

Growth Hacking

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, April 22, 2021 18:34:08

Growth Hacking is a nasty term used by our professionals’ mores recently and I don’t quite like the sound of that title. This is why I am going to write a short text on this subject which is close to my heart. I myself wanted to initiate a movement towards a profession that did not have much sound in companies and which I believe does not quite exist under this title in France. However, while going for a ride on LinkedIn, I was surprised to see that the term to which I wanted to link my activity is already a term well used in the United States. The web to lead designer or the UX designer lead, hunter?
I think that new jobs are being born on the web thanks to social networks and that we will quickly face a skyrocketing of new positions in companies. From there to using this ugly term of Hacker, I did not necessarily understand the interest of the trend on this word. It remains a vocabulary word, yes, but I’m afraid that we will still get lost in this path which for me only brings back to bad practices of referencing and the capture of leads (contacts). It is obvious, however, that I myself could have fallen into this vulgarity term “growth hacker” as many subjects related to it and which I already know very well and also practiced in this way without even knowing it given that I have come from basic commercial training and not in web development. All this to tell you here that I much prefer the title that I invented for it and I would stay in my position: WEB to LEAD DESIGNER. From the web, I bring back the leads and I do it according to a particular design. What do I mean by Design here? I hear it’s a model that I try to decorate in my own way so as to remain human, unique, and efficient. The performance is calculated on the weight of the work that I will implement to reach the end of a project. Automations are one thing, but for me, they mainly serve as the result of the effort provided upstream to set up a web to lead architecture. It takes a tremendous amount of time and resources. I can understand that using small programs that can loop recurring tasks is a must. But beware of bad automation practices anyway. I myself have a little unfortunate experience on this subject by wanting to do well. In any case, know that it is very easy for the big web media to blacklist you, but not only. They are able to block some of your work on your website, as long as you use one of the APIs they offer for free or even those that also consume money.

In conclusion for this little topic, I think that we have to ensure on a wide range of colors to become a real growth hacker that I for my part want to call a web to lead developer, or a web to lead designer.

I would like to add that, strictly speaking, with the new rules imposed by the GDPR on data protection, it is also strongly recommended to have a Web to lead strategy. Because this so-called data protection is a good way to make the contact qualification legally. What some neighboring countries tend to bypass.

Web content tutorial

Web content Posted on Tue, April 06, 2021 22:42:18

How Can You Optimize Your Web Business?

To create a successful web business, you have to consider optimization. Having an optimized web store or website may seem basic, but it is really important. If your site is poorly optimized, customers may experience slow loadings times, navigate to broken links, or may not even be able to find your site in the first place!

Luckily, there is a host of simple steps you can take to optimize your content and website. This is something you should tackle ASAP and will take minimal time and investment. Once your web business is optimized, you can then concentrate on marketing and boosting exposure etc.

Optimize images and reduce their size

One of the simplest things you can do is to optimize images used in your web content. If you have a lot of large images used in your content, page loading times could be slow. Slow loading times is bad for custom – customers will simply get bored and could even close your site if they have to wait too long.

You can find online tools that can identify images that need optimizing. As a rule of thumb, however, any images on your site (unless it is necessary) should be less than 100kg in size. You can compress images or change their size using free tools like GIMP, or even Microsoft Paint.

Remove any broken links or pages

Periodically, it is important to check your site or eCommerce store for broken links. This should include broken links to external sites, and internal links on your website. You should also check for any media files like images that are corrupted.

There is a range of automated tools you can use to check for broken links. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, it will improve your customer’s experience when using your content. If they frequently encounter broken links they will become irritated. Also, it will help improve your basic SEO.

Incorporate consistent branding into your digital media

Branding is an essential tool in optimizing your business image. There is a host of free tools like LogoCreator, Canva, and Adobe Spark that you can use to create consistent branding.

Branding items should include a company logo, color schemes, fonts, and the language you use. Ensuring your branding is consistent will help customers identify with your business easier.

Utilize basic SEO practices in your web content

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which you improve your content to make it more visible and attractive to search engines like Google. Having excellent SEO is a great way to boost rankings for important keyphrases relating to your business.

You can take simple steps to improve basic SEO. These include adding META titles and descriptions, adding image ALT tags with keywords, and ensuring your web content has headings and titles that reflect your desired keywords.

Ensure you use a reputable hosting service

Finally, you need a reliable web hosting service. Your website and online store will be hosted on a third-party web server. This is how customers access your site and products. If the web hosting provider is unreliable, this could mean access issues, and customers having a poor experience when using your site. Ideally, the hosting provider should have a high uptime percentage, and fast download/upload speeds.

These are five simple ways you can optimize your web business. Also, these are all things that you can do yourself without hiring specialists. If you have basic computer knowledge and know how to use simple graphics programs, you can make a huge difference to your web business and ensure it is optimized.

Growth Hacking ou pas?

Webmarketing Posted on Tue, May 28, 2019 11:46:50

Le Growth Hacking est un vilain terme utilisé par nos mœurs professionnels récemment et je n’aime pas tout à fait le son de ce titre. C’est pourquoi je vais faire un petit texte sur ce sujet qui me tient à cœur. J’ai moi même voulu initier un mouvement vers un métier qui n’avait pas grande sonorité dans les entreprises et qui je crois n’existe pas tout à fait sous ce titre en France. Cependant, en allant faire un tour sur linkedin, j’ai pu constater avec étonnement que le terme auquel j’ai voulu rattacher mon activité est déjà un terme bien utilisé aux États-Unis. Le web to lead designer ou bien le UX designer lead hunter?
Je pense que des nouveaux métiers sont en train de naître sur la toile grâce aux réseaux sociaux et que nous allons faire face rapidement à une monté en flèche de nouveaux postes dans les entreprises. De là à utiliser ce vilain terme de Hacker, je n’ai pas forcément compris l’intérêt de la tendance sur ce mot. Cela reste un mot de vocabulaire, soit, mais j’ai bien peur que l’on s’y perde encore dans cette voie qui pour moi ne ramène qu’aux mauvaises pratiques du référencement et de la capture de leads (contacts). Il est évident cependant que je suis moi même un growth haker tant biens de sujets s’y rapportent et dont je connais déjà très bien et pratiquais aussi de la sorte sans même le savoir étant donné que je suis issu de base d’une formation commerciale et non pas en développement web. Tout cela pour vous dire ici que je préfère largement le titre que j’ai inventé pour cela et je resterais sur ma position: WEB to LEAD DESIGNER. Du web, je ramène les leads et je le fait selon un design particulier. Qu’est-ce que j’entend par Design donc ici? J’entend que c’est un modèle que j’essaye de décorer à ma façon de manière à rester humain, unique et performant. La performance se calcule sur le poids du travail que je vais mettre en oeuvre pour arriver à l’aboutissement d’un projet. Les automations sont une chose, mais pour moi elles me servent surtout de résultat de l’effort fourni en amont pour paramétrer une architecture web to lead. Cela prend énormément de ressources et de temps. Je peux comprendre qu’en utilisant des petits programmes qui peuvent faire partir en boucle des tâches récurrentes est un sujet incontournable. Mais méfiez-vous tout de même des mauvaises pratiques de l’automatisation. J’ai moi même une petite expérience fâcheuse à ce sujet en voulant bien faire. En tous les cas, sachez qu’il est très facile pour les gros médias du web de vous black lister, mais pas seulement. Ils sont à même de bloquer une partie de votre travail sur votre site web, si tant est que vous utilisiez une des API qu’ils proposent gratuitement ou même celles qui consument aussi de l’argent.

En conclusion pour ce petit topic, je pense qu’il faut assurer sur une large palette de couleurs pour devenir un vrai growth hacker que je souhaite moi de mon côté appeler un web to lead developpeur, ou un web to lead designer.

J’aimerais rajouté qu’en rigueur avec les nouvelles règles imposées par les RGPD sur la protection des données, il est aussi vivement recommendé d’avoir une stratégie Web to lead. Car cette dite protection des données est un bon moyen pour faire de la qualification de contact en toute légalité. Ce que certains pays voisins ont tendances à contourner.

Content Marketing

Web content Posted on Wed, August 09, 2017 16:12:23

Is content Marketing the right approach to your market? It is for sure the right approach. Even though it can be time consuming, you must rethink your marketing stratey if yo have not thought about your content for marketing purpose. You must not only write well to your prospect, but also to the robot that will scroll your content in order to put it in the right position. Webismoi will answer to this service if ever you need help. Though, I want to clarify this topic because so many people believe they can hack the robot system. They might succeed to to it in a one shot exercice, but the bots are made to recognize wether you are a human or you are a robot. So if you start discussing with bots and forget to talk to your audience, then you have for sure a problem with your market and your message. The content must respect human work from the eyes of a robot, and also must respect your message towards your prospects and customers. All that to say that content is only enough when you know to whom you are talking to, where, why, how and when.

Google Adwords

Webmarketing Posted on Wed, August 09, 2017 16:07:40

Is google Adwords the best service to get visibility in a very competitive market today? Wether the market is saturted or niche, there is always a way to get your project seen in the market. Google Adwords will cover your need of visibility and if well done will increase your leads and sales. You must communicate to be known and Google Adwords is one of the essential service of the web market today. Webismoi can offer you SEM service and optimize your google adwords campaigns.

What about design ?

Webdesign Posted on Mon, August 07, 2017 15:13:52

Designing is also the most difficult part of Web design. We use tools that are not easy. Why don’t you give away tips on how to make your website look good?