Growth Hacking is a nasty term used by our professionals’ mores recently and I don’t quite like the sound of that title. This is why I am going to write a short text on this subject which is close to my heart. I myself wanted to initiate a movement towards a profession that did not have much sound in companies and which I believe does not quite exist under this title in France. However, while going for a ride on LinkedIn, I was surprised to see that the term to which I wanted to link my activity is already a term well used in the United States. The web to lead designer or the UX designer lead, hunter?
I think that new jobs are being born on the web thanks to social networks and that we will quickly face a skyrocketing of new positions in companies. From there to using this ugly term of Hacker, I did not necessarily understand the interest of the trend on this word. It remains a vocabulary word, yes, but I’m afraid that we will still get lost in this path which for me only brings back to bad practices of referencing and the capture of leads (contacts). It is obvious, however, that I myself could have fallen into this vulgarity term “growth hacker” as many subjects related to it and which I already know very well and also practiced in this way without even knowing it given that I have come from basic commercial training and not in web development. All this to tell you here that I much prefer the title that I invented for it and I would stay in my position: WEB to LEAD DESIGNER. From the web, I bring back the leads and I do it according to a particular design. What do I mean by Design here? I hear it’s a model that I try to decorate in my own way so as to remain human, unique, and efficient. The performance is calculated on the weight of the work that I will implement to reach the end of a project. Automations are one thing, but for me, they mainly serve as the result of the effort provided upstream to set up a web to lead architecture. It takes a tremendous amount of time and resources. I can understand that using small programs that can loop recurring tasks is a must. But beware of bad automation practices anyway. I myself have a little unfortunate experience on this subject by wanting to do well. In any case, know that it is very easy for the big web media to blacklist you, but not only. They are able to block some of your work on your website, as long as you use one of the APIs they offer for free or even those that also consume money.

In conclusion for this little topic, I think that we have to ensure on a wide range of colors to become a real growth hacker that I for my part want to call a web to lead developer, or a web to lead designer.

I would like to add that, strictly speaking, with the new rules imposed by the GDPR on data protection, it is also strongly recommended to have a Web to lead strategy. Because this so-called data protection is a good way to make the contact qualification legally. What some neighboring countries tend to bypass.