Is content Marketing the right approach to your market? It is for sure the right approach. Even though it can be time consuming, you must rethink your marketing stratey if yo have not thought about your content for marketing purpose. You must not only write well to your prospect, but also to the robot that will scroll your content in order to put it in the right position. Webismoi will answer to this service if ever you need help. Though, I want to clarify this topic because so many people believe they can hack the robot system. They might succeed to to it in a one shot exercice, but the bots are made to recognize wether you are a human or you are a robot. So if you start discussing with bots and forget to talk to your audience, then you have for sure a problem with your market and your message. The content must respect human work from the eyes of a robot, and also must respect your message towards your prospects and customers. All that to say that content is only enough when you know to whom you are talking to, where, why, how and when.